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The Actual Value of Careful Lying

It’s the question every husband dreads. Do these jeans make my butt look fat? The wife asks the question because she knows they do. And the diplomatic answer is that those jeans make her look good. That’s what she wanted … Continue reading

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Debating Empty Questions for Fun and Profit

Ah – here’s a glowing review of a new book – Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. This is the third and concluding volume of the biography he began more than three decades ago with “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” – … Continue reading

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The Bullies Protest Their Exile

Everyone remembers the strange saga of John Bolton – the man who said the United Nations was a sad assembly of fools and thieves and whores, and that he wouldn’t mind if someone blew off the top ten floors of … Continue reading

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Far, Far Beyond of Reasonable Doubt

As there’s never definitive information on anything, we always fill in the gaps with what we think is most likely. If you’ve ever served on a jury you know the routine, as voir dire crawls along – that’s where the … Continue reading

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The End of Attitude as Policy

People are always making sweeping distinctions, saying things like there are only two kinds of people in the world. They usually mean you’re either a sucker, always falling for someone’s line of nonsense, or you’re a go-getter who knows how … Continue reading

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