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The Obama Uncertainty

They all laughed at Clint Eastwood when he winged it at the Republican convention in Tampa and improvised that conversation with an empty chair, representing a wholly imaginary Barack Obama. That could have been brilliant but it was just strange. … Continue reading

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At least the Republicans are interesting – outrageous, but interesting. After the latest debate – where Newt Gingrich was oddly subdued and methodically torn apart by Mitt Romney’s surprisingly focused ridicule of him – he did fire back: Newt Gingrich … Continue reading

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The Irresistible Urge to Overreact to Prove Your Seriousness

Okay, it was Paris, at Charles De Gaulle International Airport (CDG – or Charlie to some, or Chuck). It was the morning of December 23, 2001 – standing in line to check the bags full of Christmas presents for the … Continue reading

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Regarding the Proper Natural Disposition

Okay, if you watch Fox News and the three who speak for all America – Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck – or if you listen to the man who reminds us all of just who is right and … Continue reading

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Obama’s Limitations

Multitasking – the ability to manage many tasks at once, and manage them well – is a prime skill you need in the modern world. If you’ve worked in a large corporation at even a modest level of authority you … Continue reading

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