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Those Who Wait and Those Who Don’t

The middle of a long holiday weekend is when there is no big news in the world. And that goes double when the holiday is Labor Day and the day is Sunday. The Saturday college football games have been played, … Continue reading

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On Not Accepting What You Are Told, Unless Elevated

It’s the curse of the sixties, and it never leaves you. Those of us who ambled off to college in the mid-sixties, listened to all that new music, had our issues with the war, and graduated only to listen to … Continue reading

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Not to Worry

Friday, September 5, thing were supposed to settle down. The political conventions were finally over, capped by John McCain’s workmanlike speech – long on character (he has it, he says), and short on the issues. In fact the issues didn’t … Continue reading

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Social Currency

The late A. J. Liebling – who joined the New Yorker in 1935 and stayed there through its glory days until he died in 1963 – was more than a bit of a wit, along with being a press critic, … Continue reading

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It could be said of all politicians, but Josh Marshall says it of one politician in particular:   John McCain has a big ego. And if there’s one thing John McCain prizes it’s the high regard many prestige Washington reporters … Continue reading

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