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Those Who Wait and Those Who Don’t

The middle of a long holiday weekend is when there is no big news in the world. And that goes double when the holiday is Labor Day and the day is Sunday. The Saturday college football games have been played, … Continue reading

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The Teacher’s Dilemma

Some things stay with you. It was June 1981 – so long ago it might have been the birth of today’s world, kind of like the Big Bang or something. That was the year IBM introduced the first IBM PC … Continue reading

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Feels Like Civil War Brewing Again

Perhaps it was inevitable. We had that Civil War almost one hundred forty years ago, and, if you’ve ever lived in the South, you know they’re not happy with how that one turned out – people still mutter that the … Continue reading

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Possible Better Angels

Much has been made of the change in Washington. A friend, a highly-respected attorney, who knows more about securities law than is healthy for any sane person, just returned from a weekend there, saying the city just felt different. You … Continue reading

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Riding the Train Between the Past and the Future

The Saturday before the inauguration of Barack Obama was a news hole – you reported on the anticipation of the event, and on that amazingly inspirational train trip (more than one hundred fifty photos here), but not on the event, … Continue reading

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How Did It Come To This?

It happens every December – suddenly it’s Christmas, and then it’s not, and the year is ending. That means it’s time for the retrospectives – all that looking back stuff, looking at the year gone by to try to figure … Continue reading

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Reasonable Vengeance

So, December opened with more news of who will be running things come January 20 – Obama introduced his national security team. Hillary Clinton will be Secretary of State, Bob Gates will stay on at Defense – it was all … Continue reading

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