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Losing Track in the Heat

A massive drought, the worst since the Dust Bowl years of the thirties, and the hottest July ever recorded with more of the same in August, and the Mississippi River shrinking to the point where soon no one will be … Continue reading

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Only Yesterday

Maybe we were living in the Roaring Twenties and September 2008 was our 1929 – with an absurdly overleveraged economy collapsing, again. We did this once before. Really – Fredrick Lewis Allen’s Only Yesterday is the best popular history of … Continue reading

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Preview of Coming Attractions: Another Sequel

While social conservatives – those values voters as the pollsters call them – hate what Hollywood is doing to America, and has always done to America, the fact of the matter is that Hollywood doesn’t shape American values. Everyone out … Continue reading

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The Teacher’s Dilemma

Some things stay with you. It was June 1981 – so long ago it might have been the birth of today’s world, kind of like the Big Bang or something. That was the year IBM introduced the first IBM PC … Continue reading

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Confidence without Illusion, or Much Hope

Ah, Reuters is telling us that anger really can kill you:   Anger and other strong emotions can trigger potentially deadly heart rhythms in certain vulnerable people, U.S. researchers said on Monday.   Previous studies have shown that earthquakes, war … Continue reading

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Okay, like running out the cannon on an eighteenth century ship of the line as you are going into battle, let’s run out the clichés – Americans are not introspective. We don’t agonize over decisions – we just decide, and … Continue reading

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Some Always Win

In the first full week of the year the issue underlying everything was the collapsing economy – not Israel’s war in Gaza or who gets to be a senator. The Gaza invasion is a continuation of a centuries-old quite existential … Continue reading

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