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The High Cost of Cool

For those of us who grew up in the Ozzie and Harriet fifties and came of age in the long-hair stop-the-war counterculture late sixties, there was always the matter of cool. James Dean was cool, and then Peter Gunn was … Continue reading

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Sneaky Bastard

On Thursday, January 13, it was over. Most of the commentary that morning on both speeches – Palin on Facebook and Obama in Tucson – was that things had gotten to the point on both the left and the right … Continue reading

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Sunrise, Sunset

Wednesday, January 12 – an odd day. In the morning Sarah Palin released a video about the “blood libel” against her. The notion is, like the Jews through the centuries, accused of mixing the blood of Christian babies to make … Continue reading

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Make Mine a Cosmopolitan

The words came from a guy who makes a good living selling somewhat absurd and quite expensive European cars to insecure strivers in a dying city in the Rust Belt – “There’s an ass for every seat.” Yep, you can … Continue reading

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The Obama Memo

Didn’t you get the memo? That’s the ultimate putdown in the business world – you’re a fool who has no clue about what’s really been going on, and things have changed dramatically, so you’ve been marginalized and will obviously be … Continue reading

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Madness Really Is Overrated

Sometimes you simply have to decide just who’s crazy and who’s not – and whether being crazy might be, after all, the most appropriate response to these times. Fox News has its new star Glenn Beck, with his own form … Continue reading

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Regarding Forgiveness and Irony

If you have too much time on your hands you eventually come across City Journal, the quarterly magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute – or you don’t. Tastes vary, and some end up watching American Idol or … Continue reading

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