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Another American Sunday

Perhaps one shouldn’t watch the Sunday morning political talk shows, but Meet the Press and Face the Nation have been around for many decades, and now there are many others – and how else are you going to find which … Continue reading

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When Democracy Interferes with Freedom

No one plans a vacation in Houston – it’s a rather nasty place. There’s a reason their football team is called the Oilers – that’s what the city is about, oil and big money, and it’s hot as hell too. … Continue reading

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Proudly Choosing Irrelevance

There is such a thing as a sense of place. Paris just feels like Paris – even if you were blindfolded you’d know you were there – and the same holds true for New Orleans, or what’s left of it, … Continue reading

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Dialogs of Despair and Confusion

The aim here has always been to get a feel for the zeitgeist – “the spirit of the age” – literally the time (Zeit) spirit (Geist). It’s a Hegel thing:    “Zeitgeist” refers to the ethos of a select group … Continue reading

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