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Assuring the Worst Possible Outcome

It’s a sports thing. Teams fall behind and panic – they forget their game plan that they had so cleverly and carefully practiced, over and over, until every move was instinctive. They’re losing and get desperate. This player or that … Continue reading

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Home Again

They say it’s always good to get home again. After new and strange places, and odd people speaking odd languages, it’s a comfort to be immersed in what’s familiar. Everything’s where it should be. You don’t bump into the furniture. … Continue reading

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Inevitable Embarrassment

Experience is a good thing – they say age brings wisdom, which it does, because all the mistakes over all the years still sting. Some things are just embarrassing, even if whatever it was one did was what was done … Continue reading

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Seriously Wrong Success

If you’re bit to the left you do get used to being told you’re profoundly unserious. Most people are kind enough not to call you stupid to your face, they just say you’re idealistic and hopelessly naïve, which they find … Continue reading

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Those who believe that the values and institutions of the past are worthy of respect, because they represent a hard-won careful working out of what works best for everyone, are conservatives – it has nothing with conservation, keeping the national … Continue reading

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Expected Outcomes

Doctors like to talk about expected outcomes – we start you on this medication, you lose fifty pounds, stop smoking, and exercise four hours a day, and if you live from this point forward on wilted spinach, raw garlic and … Continue reading

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Big News from Denver and Bigger News Elsewhere

Monday, August 25, 2008, and the Democratic National Convention opened. Yes, pre-packaged hurrah-for-our-side silliness, but the first day had its moments.   The last Kennedy left standing, of the four brothers – coming off surgery to remove what they could … Continue reading

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