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Playing the Righteousness Card

Slate’s David Plotz may be right. We really should abolish August – it’s a miserable month. Barack Obama must know this. The month ended with his righteous plan for launching a few days of intense airstrikes against Syria, with cruise missiles but … Continue reading

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Papa Joe’s Gone

There are many excellent small liberal arts colleges – universities actually – from Maine to the Chicago area and down into the Old South. And they provide a fine education. But with an average of perhaps two thousand undergraduate students … Continue reading

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Serious, Even More Serious, and Life and Death

Those few of us who follow the news in detail – and there aren’t that many of us – find that some days following the news leaves you flummoxed. Maybe that’s not the word – there’s bewildered, bemused, perplexed, puzzled, … Continue reading

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Understanding American Enthusiasms

It was the radical sixties – college days – and some of us were stuck in the middle of Ohio. There was no trekking off to San Francisco with flowers in our hair – whoever had a car could get … Continue reading

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The Sermon on Good Intentions

If you’re really old, as some of us are, you might remember something that predated Monty Python – Beyond the Fringe, a British comedy revue written and performed by Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, and Jonathan Miller. Most remember … Continue reading

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Choosing Silence

There is such a thing as noble silence – refusing to give in and spill the beans. If captured by the enemy you give your name, rank and serial number – but no more, no matter what they do to … Continue reading

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War Crimes Not For Nuremberg and Not For The Hague and Certainly Not For DC

This may be simply a reference note – something that could have vast implications in a year, or fade into nothing. But it should be noted, for the record. The president and all key members his administration have committed what … Continue reading

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