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The Kids at the Door

The Friday night before Election Day, 2008 – Halloween night, everyone in clever costumes, or cute costumes, or sly and hip costumes, or just clad in some sort of ironic outfit, intending to puzzle you, as what they’re wearing may … Continue reading

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On Heroes and Heroics

Oh, there are the deeply serious sports movies, like Chariots of Fire – with its soaring score by that fellow with one name, Vangelis, and its title from that famous William Blake poem. And there was that hero-quest baseball movie, … Continue reading

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Not to Worry

Friday, September 5, thing were supposed to settle down. The political conventions were finally over, capped by John McCain’s workmanlike speech – long on character (he has it, he says), and short on the issues. In fact the issues didn’t … Continue reading

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Exasperation in the Heartland

So commentary resumes here after a week in the dead center of America, or at least Cincinnati – close enough, what with a few hot summer evenings at the Great American Ballpark (really), watching the oldest team in professional baseball, … Continue reading

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The Biden Gambit

Saturday, August 23, 2008 – Obama and Biden Team Makes Public Debut (Reuters) – and that was that:   Obama tapped the Delaware senator, a leading voice on international affairs, as his vice presidential running mate earlier on Saturday.   … Continue reading

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All Campaigns Are Movies Now

Every four years it’s the same thing – a presidential election where Americans are told they have a real choice. Of course they do, even if on many matters both candidate agree – the United States is wonderful, motherhood sacred, … Continue reading

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Self-Definition as Destiny

Sometimes you wonder how anyone made it through the late seventies in America, with all the pop-culture self-actualization crap in the air. Part of that was the late-disco multi-layered and massively overproduced sound of the group Earth, Wind & Fire … Continue reading

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