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Getting Over It

As the 2008 presidential campaign was drawing to a close anyone could see the candidates were getting down to the basics – all the variations on all the themes has been tried and what didn’t work was dropped. There wasn’t … Continue reading

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Stepping Back and Gaining Perspective

Monday, October 20 – press the pause button. There was not the usual massive sell-off in the last hour of trading on Wall Street, no seven or eight hundred point drop. We’ve come to expect that every third or fourth … Continue reading

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The Persistence of Hope

They say you can live without most everything, except hope. Of course that’s nonsense – oxygen is quite useful, for example. And there’s food, water and shelter. But that isn’t the idea. Without hope that things will work out, somehow, … Continue reading

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The Second-Rate First Presidential Debate

One of the advantages to living way out here on the West Coast is that everything important happens when it’s late elsewhere. Being three time zones away from the real world – the centers of importance, New York and Washington … Continue reading

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Desperate Times and Desperate Measures

Etiology is the study of causation – a word used in medical and philosophical theories where you’re trying to figure out why things occur, or the reasons behind the way that things act the way they act. So doctors – … Continue reading

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Respect, Deference and Lying

It was about ten years ago, on the third or fourth solo trip to Paris to kick around for a few weeks and feel more at home than is possible here in Hollywood – where no one ever feels at … Continue reading

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Not Too Swift

It was 1726 and a good year to be hanging around London. In April, Isaac Newton told William Stukeley the story of how he developed his theory of gravity – something to do with apples, you see – and as … Continue reading

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