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The Loyal Opposition

We’re not British. The engine is under the hood of the car, not under the bonnet. And the shock absorbers are what keep the car from oscillating wildly on its springs when you roar down a bumpy road, not the … Continue reading

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The Pretty Problem Employee

Once each week from September 19, 1970 to March 19, 1977, you could tune to CBS for The Mary Tyler Moore Show – the first sitcom with a single, independent career woman as the central character. Some saw that as … Continue reading

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Making It Seem Easy

From the first time as a kid when you were actually assigned homework, or knew that on Monday morning you would be held publically accountable in the classroom for something you really didn’t understand, through all of your working life, … Continue reading

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Selling the Concept

Out here in Hollywood, the land of make-believe, we know all about the willing suspension of disbelief. It is a bargain the audience makes with you – they know those are actors on the screen, not the real people, and … Continue reading

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The Persistence of Hope

They say you can live without most everything, except hope. Of course that’s nonsense – oxygen is quite useful, for example. And there’s food, water and shelter. But that isn’t the idea. Without hope that things will work out, somehow, … Continue reading

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Real Monsters

Wednesday, October 1, in Hollywood – hot and smoggy – yeah, it was near one hundred by noon, getting hotter by the minute, and the air quality was what out here they call chunky, like the peanut butter – merciless … Continue reading

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She Never Blinks

Friday night, September 12 – and no one released awful news after the press shut down for the weekend and the second string shuffled into the news studios. Hurricane Ike, bearing down on Texas, was the big story – not … Continue reading

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