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The Possible Limits of Playing Dumb

Playing dumb is useful – everyone knows that. They say pretty girls who are also smart as a whip and know lots about everything learn early on to play dumb – you hide your intelligence, as a quick wit and … Continue reading

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Stepping Back and Gaining Perspective

Monday, October 20 – press the pause button. There was not the usual massive sell-off in the last hour of trading on Wall Street, no seven or eight hundred point drop. We’ve come to expect that every third or fourth … Continue reading

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Documenting the Madness

Oh, Roswell, New Mexico is a strange place – you recall that in 1947 our government recovered a crashed flying saucer there, recovered the bodies of the alien critters piloting the thing, and then refused to admit we’d long been … Continue reading

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Down and Dirty

Something is up. As reviewed in The Great Divide Widens – in some detail – things are getting nasty. On Friday, October 17, there was this from the McClatchy wire:   WASHINGTON – An ACORN community organizer received a death … Continue reading

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The Great Divide Widens

A stipulation – anecdotes are not data. At least they are not data that prove much. A fellow comes up to you on the street and tells you the sky is green. You look up, and the sky looks to … Continue reading

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The Problem with Shorthand

Oh, it was a valuable lesson. It was the early seventies, graduate school at Duke University, working on the first step, the Masters degree, and the analytical paper was on some Ben Jonson play or other. Somehow or other, at … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Cool

It may have been the birth of the cool – no, not that Miles Davis album from the early fifties, nor the West Coast Sound (that “cool” Chet Baker jazz from the Lighthouse Café down in Hermosa Beach that went … Continue reading

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