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Winning by Provoking Unforced Errors

Of course the end of the presidential campaign each four years means we get those sports metaphors – a candidate really hit a home run with some pithy remark that clarified everything and left his opponent with nothing to say, … Continue reading

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Somewhat of a Perfect Storm

That Wolfgang Petersen movie from eight years ago, The Perfect Storm, really doesn’t hold up well. Oh, the production values were fine and the acting was more than adequate, but if you look at the awards it won those were … Continue reading

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The Grateful Dead Republicans

Somebody has to do something, and it’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us. ~ Jerry Garcia   Jerry Garcia and his buddies called the band the Grateful Dead in a flourish of stoner irony – it was … Continue reading

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On Waking Up from Nightmares

Our long national nightmare is over. Had Gerald Ford not said that – as he pardoned Richard Nixon for any crimes Nixon had committed or might have committed, and told us we shouldn’t think about what had happened any more … Continue reading

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The Ambiguous Right Stuff

The Right Stuff was that 1979 book by Tom Wolfe – the one about the test pilots flying the postwar experimental rocket-powered, high-speed aircraft out at Edwards, a few hours’ drive out in the desert from here. That would be … Continue reading

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The Trap Closes

By Monday, July 21, is was clear that the McCain folks should have never taunted the Obama folks – saying Obama knew nothing about anything and he really ought to get his ass over to Afghanistan and Iraq and see … Continue reading

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