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Thinking about Masculinity

It was always a battle of the sexes – the Republican Party was always the Daddy Party. That meant they were firm and a little brutal about things, but it was for our own good, for the good of the … Continue reading

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The Burden of Manliness

Sometimes you get lucky. There was that draft lottery held in December 1969, for all men of draft age born in 1944 to 1950 – and it was pretty simple. The days of the year were numbered from 1 to … Continue reading

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Orwell’s Nose

If you’re going to be a good, well-informed citizen – they say our democracy depends on that – you do need to figure out when you’re being sold a bill of goods. You do know you’re not supposed to believe … Continue reading

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Bright Shiny Objects

As performed by National Lampoon on “National Lampoon Radio Dinner” (1972, Blue Thumb Records), from Deteriorata – “Remember my son, a walk through the ocean of most people’s souls would not even wet your ankles.”   If you want to … Continue reading

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Gender Bender Politics

Things just get more and more strange in American politics – but that is to be expected when the next president will either be a woman, or a black man, or an old white man, the flinty war-hero, the son … Continue reading

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