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Read All About It

Well, just look at the chart – this Great Recession, as many call it, is far worse than all modern American downturns. And this one’s different – the result of a financial industry collapse, not that it matters much when you’ve … Continue reading

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The Master Politicians at Work

You may agree with Chris Christie, the rotund (or substantial, if you wish) governor of New Jersey, that teachers are the new Welfare Queens, living high off their fat salaries, with their big pensions, for what is not real work, … Continue reading

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The Day Liberal Stopped Being a Dirty Word

Strange things happen on 09/09/09 – Wednesday, September 9, 2009 – but not at 09:09 in the morning. They happened in that evening when our young black president, with Hussein as his middle name, addressed a Joint Session of Congress … Continue reading

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The Futility of Playing Nice

Some of us never saw the point in calling ourselves progressives – we are liberals, and running away from that word is simply craven capitulation to those who told everyone there was no worse thing to be than a liberal. … Continue reading

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