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Marginal Nastiness as Strategy

Abraham Lincoln said it best – “Quotes you find on the internet might not always be accurate.” He didn’t say that? Who knew? Life can be so disappointing, but then some quotes do float free of attribution – someone should … Continue reading

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The Biggest Loser

Henry David Thoreau was wrong. Most men don’t lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them – they just find another song to sing. It’s called acceptance, even if that’s hard for some … Continue reading

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Settled: Four More Years

Maybe it happens in sports. A team fights long and hard through a seemingly endless season, winning some and losing some, but finally clawing its way to the championship game, and gives it all in one final and brutal long … Continue reading

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Always Hoping for the Best

When Samuel Johnson spoke, in scorn, of the triumph of hope over experience, he had something quite specific in mind – he was speaking of men who chose to marry for a second time. They should know better. Such things … Continue reading

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The Unavoidable Sadness of Tradition

Everyone likes tradition – mistletoe at Christmas and fireworks on the Fourth of July. Tradition is comforting, and it’s profitable – right now it’s Fiddler on the Roof down the street on stage at the Pantages, with Topol doing Tevye … Continue reading

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The Importance of Apolitical Exasperation

It’s so basic that it hardly needs to be said, but you should always keep it in mind. All of politics is telling people how they should think – much of it each side reminding their base of how they … Continue reading

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