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Defending Goblins and Vultures

One day someone will write a book on bankers in popular culture – people write books on all sorts of things after all. And a stroll through Dissertation Abstracts would probably reveal one or two densely-argued PhD dissertations on the … Continue reading

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One More Dog Day Afternoon

It’s the dog days of summer. Yep, in the summer, Sirius – that’s the “dog star” – rises and sets with the sun. The loopy astrology lady down on the corner will tell you that, in late July, Sirius is … Continue reading

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Not True Grit

Consider it a warning. Perhaps someone who spent the better part of a decade – the seventies – teaching English at an absurdly expensive prep school in upstate New York should not be writing about politics. There are professional reporters … Continue reading

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The Voice of Authority

Life being what it is, and the world being a big place, you cannot know about everything. If you went to a liberal arts college they lied to you and told you could – you could at least be exposed … Continue reading

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