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The Practical Usefulness of Thoughtless Outrage

To proclaim that you are angry and outraged, and no, you haven’t thought things through and you certainly do not intend to think things through, is perhaps profoundly American. You think of the line from that movie – “I’m mad … Continue reading

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The Gentleman and the Drama Queen

The readership here is small – a hundred hits a day, give or take, save when CNN or BBC World Service notices this column or that and the traffic jumps. It happens. But given that – the situation where this … Continue reading

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Getting Over It

As the 2008 presidential campaign was drawing to a close anyone could see the candidates were getting down to the basics – all the variations on all the themes has been tried and what didn’t work was dropped. There wasn’t … Continue reading

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Winning by Provoking Unforced Errors

Of course the end of the presidential campaign each four years means we get those sports metaphors – a candidate really hit a home run with some pithy remark that clarified everything and left his opponent with nothing to say, … Continue reading

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Socialism Again

Everyone has something that is a source of occasional sadness – when you have time for such things. There was the friend who had been a studio guitarist for twenty years, and then music director for a few popular television … Continue reading

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Documenting the Madness

Oh, Roswell, New Mexico is a strange place – you recall that in 1947 our government recovered a crashed flying saucer there, recovered the bodies of the alien critters piloting the thing, and then refused to admit we’d long been … Continue reading

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The Problem with Shorthand

Oh, it was a valuable lesson. It was the early seventies, graduate school at Duke University, working on the first step, the Masters degree, and the analytical paper was on some Ben Jonson play or other. Somehow or other, at … Continue reading

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