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Not the Wright Stuff

This was supposed to be the Leona Helmsley election. You remember her – fabulously wealthy, and born on the Fourth of July too – a masterful businesswoman and real estate entrepreneur. Yeah, she had the nickname the Queen of Mean, … Continue reading

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How to Deal With the Insecure

It was good advice, one of the things you find yourself remembering even if you heard the words so very long ago. Imagine yourself an overly sensitive teenager – as if there were any other kind – trying to figure … Continue reading

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Stepping Back

News junkies and policy wonks – if you are reading these words you just might be one of them – know the dead time. Between the big events you know are coming, given the big events that just happened, lies … Continue reading

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Come Sunday

Duke Ellington’s Come Sunday is rather wonderful – click on the link and let this version play in the background. It’ll set the right mood. It’s lazy Sunday afternoon music, tinged with echoes of the gospel hymns from the morning … Continue reading

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Be Wary of Simple, Playful Metaphors

Saturday, May 3, and the Kentucky Derby. To some of us it might as well be just a British hat, but it seems to be famous horse race. And Big Brown won. Of course it was, this year, a horse … Continue reading

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Short Attention Span Nation

If you glance over at the right-hand column, the boilerplate stuff, you’ll see why this is a low-traffic site, a hundred or so hits a day. Oh, now and then CNN or Crooks and Liars or Andrew Sullivan links to … Continue reading

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Judging Matters Dispassionately

They say love is blind. They say that for a reason. No one figured out why sensible Cynthia married feckless Reginald, or why the fetching Norma Sue married that no-account loser, Billy Bob – or mix and match as you … Continue reading

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