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Quail Hunting with Dick

A dozen years ago, if anyone remembers, many were saying that George W. Bush was a shallow man with a chip on his shoulder, easily manipulated and not very bright. Others said he was bright enough – he just wasn’t … Continue reading

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What We’d Rather Not Consider

Mid-October and just two weeks until the midterm elections, and it’s getting a tad crazy out there – in Nevada it’s Angle to Hispanic children: “Some of you look a little more Asian to me” and Angle: Illegal Aliens In My … Continue reading

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Not Noticing You Have Lost Is Not the Same as Winning

Ah, the last week in July – with America getting used to its first black president, thunderstorms rolling across Manhattan and brutal, dry heat from Tucson to Tacoma out west, with fires in the hills. What was Gershwin thinking with … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Looms

Everyone knows avoidance behavior, pretty much from school. The term paper is due at the end of the month and you’ve found yourself doing other things, not working on it. Maybe you have nothing to say, or nothing you want … Continue reading

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The Kids at the Door

The Friday night before Election Day, 2008 – Halloween night, everyone in clever costumes, or cute costumes, or sly and hip costumes, or just clad in some sort of ironic outfit, intending to puzzle you, as what they’re wearing may … Continue reading

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