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The Persistence of Cruelty

With the world going quite mad over the death of Michael Jackson – especially out here – one bit of news on that Friday didn’t get much attention. Or maybe it wasn’t news, just more of the same: A senior … Continue reading

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Pretentious people like to talk about entropy – the idea that all things at all times are naturally resolving to their most random state and lowest energy level. It’s just a basic concept in physics, and quite useful for predicting … Continue reading

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Going Long

When you write a daily column on the national dialog bubbling along about the big issue of the day – what seems to be a revolution in Iran, or the issue of healthcare reform and who deserves proper medical care … Continue reading

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Those who believe that the values and institutions of the past are worthy of respect, because they represent a hard-won careful working out of what works best for everyone, are conservatives – it has nothing with conservation, keeping the national … Continue reading

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Expected Outcomes

Doctors like to talk about expected outcomes – we start you on this medication, you lose fifty pounds, stop smoking, and exercise four hours a day, and if you live from this point forward on wilted spinach, raw garlic and … Continue reading

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The Twitter Revolution There and Here

We who are vaguely Czech, through the grandparents who arrived here long ago, and who we sort of remember cheerfully chatting with us in a language we didn’t quite understand, still feel good about it. It’s simply a matter of … Continue reading

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History on the Run

The rest of the world seems to rudely disregard our way of seeing things. Saturday in America is when nothing much happens – it’s down time, personal time, and, in fact, one of the major cable news operations, MSNBC, provides … Continue reading

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