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The Audacity of Persistence

There’s always the question of how you get things done. Some folks will tell you it’s all about having the right attitude – think you can and you can. Anyone who is tone deaf and decided they’d be the next … Continue reading

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She Will Have What She Wants

You know the good-cop bad-cop routine from the movies, or from years of watching that television crime show, Law and Order. The frightened young man everyone knows committed the crime sits in the cold, harshly-lit interrogation room. The designated bad-cop … Continue reading

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The Larger Issues

Tuesday, March 4, and John McCain has done it. The underfunded and cantankerous McCain is the Republican nominee. The Republicans will have to make do with him, even if he has deeply offended many of them year after year after … Continue reading

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Sometimes Hope Seems Pointless

CNN covers the basics – the economy may be deteriorating, and most people feeling both panicked and helplessly depressed, but in the race for the White House, or whatever you want to call it, the two frontrunners, McCain and Obama, … Continue reading

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Crusoe’s Beach

Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, first published in 1719, perhaps the first novel in English, never seems to grow old. It led to Gilligan’s Island after all. The actual title is this – The Life and most Surprizing Adventures of Robinson … Continue reading

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Saturday with Uncle Bill

Every family has a weird uncle. It’s a rule. He’s the guy who says odd things at inappropriate times, embarrassing everyone – you all look at the floor and wait a beat, and then everyone moves on. You pretend he … Continue reading

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Tears, Idle Tears

On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, yeah, yeah: Her voice quavering, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton struggled Monday to avoid a highly damaging second straight defeat in the Democratic presidential race. Republicans John McCain and Mitt Romney scrapped for … Continue reading

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