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Service Unavailable

Saturday evening here in Hollywood, but no Saturday evening column – offline since late afternoon – the internet cable service crapped out early on and there was no nothing for hours. It came back late in the evening – on … Continue reading

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Only Life and Death and Financial Ruin

Okay, it’s wonky – but only a matter of life and death, and possible financial ruin. Most people, to remain sane, treat those as hypothetical issues. No one thinks they’re going to die, really. Sure, things may be falling apart, … Continue reading

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Special People

In this country it seems there are those with a sense of personal responsibility – the doers, who ask nothing of anyone and get everything done – and those who just take and expect more. And you didn’t pay your … Continue reading

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This Modern World

Yeah, it was that old guy on Sunday night when you watched CBS’s 60 Minutes – Andy Rooney. He still may be there, but after years of his stuff you tend to find other things to watch, or other things … Continue reading

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More Than a Pillow Fight

No doubt you missed it, but April 4, 2009, was World Pillow Fight Day – even here in Los Angeles (downtown at Pershing Square, and the rule is you’re not allowed to hit anyone with a camera). And there is … Continue reading

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Market Fetishists and Moral Hazard

Well, something is in the air. There’s the April 6 issue of Time and that cover story – this recession, or near depression, or whatever it is, will bring an end to the “spirit of excess” that began in the … Continue reading

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Almost Major League

It seems the twentieth Democratic primary debate was testy, and it was in Cleveland. That’s a dismal place, and the proper setting for a great baseball movie – you know, the one about the triumph of a merry band of … Continue reading

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