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When It Should Be Simple

Political disputes in America seem to be about telling the other guy he’s worried about the wrong things. Everyone is worried about the economy that refuses to come back from the dead. Corporate profits are soaring again – even if … Continue reading

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Regarding Our Department of Jihad

There is the police procedural and legal drama series Law & Order – it’s been on the air since 1990 and made its creator, Dick Wolf, a rich man, and has kept NBC afloat, barely. And it spawned Law & … Continue reading

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Game On

Sunday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day was right where it should be. This is the holiday all guys dread, the one day when you’re supposed to be all open and emotionally direct, and not the strong silent type impatient with … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

America was always called the New World. And Americans, as a rule, have no use for the past. Everyone knows this. We find history not just dull and boring, but we seem to hold that history itself is useless. We’re … Continue reading

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The Stupid Bomb

The Brits have a holiday they used to celebrate but they don’t much bother with now – Guy Fawkes Night. Few people now remember the Gunpowder Plot and why it’s important to hate the Pope – he seems harmless enough … Continue reading

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Scared Silly

Guantánamo Bay – now that’s an odd place. During the Spanish-American War our fleet used the harbor there to ride out the summer hurricane season of 1898, and the rest is history. Somehow the Cuban-American Treaty gave the Republic of … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing as a Way of Life

The actual results of the 2008 presidential election don’t bear it out, but, having friends and family out here, it’s easy to assume that everyone south of Los Angeles County – those in almost entirely Republican Orange County and in … Continue reading

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