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Regarding Greed and Chaos

It’s not 1987 anymore – the year Oliver Stone’s Wall Street was a big hit. Michael Douglas won the Oscar for best actor for his work in that movie. Douglas played Gordon Gekko and delivered that famous greed is good … Continue reading

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Comfortable with the Arbitrary and Absurd

It was the late seventies in upstate New York and the kids at the fancy prep school never liked what you decided to teach – but one year the major novel the juniors had to face was Samuel Butler’s The … Continue reading

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How Things Happen

It may have never happened, but it might have happened – or it should have happened. It’s Paris in the twenties. Imagine the Café de Flore or some such place, or Sylvia Beach’s bookshop (with James Joyce spooking around in … Continue reading

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The Sphere of Market Capitalism Might Narrow

Sometimes you’re just too close to the problem, and you lose your ability to formulate the conventional response. Some year ago, after managing the business applications department for a chain of hospitals, the services firm decided that most of us … Continue reading

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Jacob Marley’s Ghost

People know what to expect each year in the weeks before Christmas – the same sentimental stuff on television that always works. There’s Rudolf and the Grinch, and Linus still practicing his lines for the Christmas pageant, and Burl Ives is … Continue reading

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