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Reality Friday in New England

It was almost ten years ago – a systems gig at Tufts University Medical Center smack in the middle of Boston, in the dead of winter. But that was the end of being a corporate road warrior, living out of … Continue reading

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Liberty or Death

Okay, it’s March 23, 1775, and you’re at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia, at the Virginia Convention. And there’s Patrick Henry up there. And he says it – “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!” Thomas Jefferson and George … Continue reading

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Stormy Weather – and Worse

A quiet Friday night here in Hollywood – the cloud deck slid in late in the afternoon and by midnight it should be raining, and it seems it will rain all day Saturday and into Sunday morning. But the clouds … Continue reading

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Serious, Even More Serious, and Life and Death

Those few of us who follow the news in detail – and there aren’t that many of us – find that some days following the news leaves you flummoxed. Maybe that’s not the word – there’s bewildered, bemused, perplexed, puzzled, … Continue reading

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Friday Fright Night

Friday night in Los Angeles, smoke in the air still – the mountains that separate Southern California from the rest of America are still burning and the basin was masked by a vague haze all day, but better than the … Continue reading

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