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Everything Old is New Again, Unfortunately

Everyone in Hollywood knows sequels and remakes are tricky. You had the original Poseidon Adventure (1972) – pure schlock, but diverting – and then you got Poseidon (2006) – Wolfgang Petersen making the original more intense, gritty and suspenseful and … Continue reading

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Implications of a Party in Disarray

Tuesday, January 29, was a busy day, with a photo jaunt to the Heart of Screenland and then a few hours at the Kodak Theater on Hollywood Boulevard with the CNN folks – a media walk-through prior to the Thursday … Continue reading

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Questioning the Banality of the Banal

Thursday, January 3, and there was only one big story – Obama and Huckabee Win First 2008 Vote (Reuters) – “Barack Obama took the first big step to winning the Democratic nomination on Thursday with a victory in Iowa, while … Continue reading

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On the Campaign Trail

So, if you were advising any of the Republicans or Democrats aching to be the next president, what would you tell them to say, and tell them about how to say it? You’d probably have to tell them what to … Continue reading

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Our Meatball Sundae

As the year drifts to its close you always get the retrospectives, and the lists. The retrospectives offer context – how the crazy events of the last year really do fit into the broader sweep of history – which may … Continue reading

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The Daily Me

The dialog is probably in some droll movie, but if it isn’t, it should be –   –       Is it just me, or… –       No, it’s just you – no one else. –       No, no, no – that’s not what … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know and It Does Matter

Tuesday, December 4, the day after the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran was finally released, causing all sorts of problems for the Bush administration, there had to be a press conference – “Defending his credibility, President Bush said Tuesday that … Continue reading

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