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A Day for Fluff and Nonsense

Anticipation is overrated. It’s not delicious and exciting. Kids really don’t like the days before Christmas, guessing what they’ll get. They want the stuff, and don’t much like being teased by the parents about their acquisitive anxiety. They don’t like … Continue reading

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De Gustibus

As a bit of a change of pace the following does not examine “big issues” or scrutinize any current political controversies. No moral issues arise below. This site is one where the editor chooses his own topics, and such things … Continue reading

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The Gift of Ugly

It must be a conspiracy.  Looking for some diversion on television a few nights ago, clicking through what was available… there it was, that 1986 movie The Name of the Rose.  You know the one.  An intellectually nonconformist monk, Sean … Continue reading

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Nasty Useful Habits

William Saletan, the fellow who wrote Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War, knows a thing or two about effective political strategy.  He knows what works, and why it works.  And now, as Slate’s national correspondent, if you can … Continue reading

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Sunday as a Day of Rest

Sunday, June 24, 2007, will not be a day of rest, exactly.  There will be no column as it seems there’s a family event in Carlsbad, just north of San Diego.  So it’s a drive south, and in the evening, … Continue reading

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Bad Neighbors, Like Paris Hilton

Updated: 5:30 pm Pacific Time   Since first light Friday morning, June 8, the sky over this neighborhood had been filled the roar of low-flying helicopters. A big wreck?  Another murder like the one three blocks east in 2004? No.  If … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

There is no Friday column. For the last six hours the cable modem here had nothing to connect to, as Time Warner’s Roadrunner service for all of Los Angeles went in the weeds.  It finally came up and the only … Continue reading

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