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Everything Should Be Grand

There are great moral questions in life, and deep philosophic questions, and questions of identity and one’s life’s work, and questions on how to manage all sorts of interpersonal relationships – but everyone likes a good bargain. No one wants … Continue reading

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Not Where We Started the Year

The year comes to a close, and that means we get the usual lists of what people have decided were the defining moments of the last twelve months – trying to satisfy that all too human urge to figure out … Continue reading

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Ambushed by an Insult

If you’re so smart how come you’re not rich? That’s the ultimate American insult – you’ve got your anti-intellectual resentment and anger mixed with blustering panicked insecurity. And in an odd way that question seems to be at the core … Continue reading

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The Consequences of Whining

Looking back on that decade of teaching long ago some things become clear. Sure, you wanted the kids to understand what the hell was going on in Hamlet or the Odyssey or that Theodore Roethke poem, and you also knew … Continue reading

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This Modern World

Yeah, it was that old guy on Sunday night when you watched CBS’s 60 Minutes – Andy Rooney. He still may be there, but after years of his stuff you tend to find other things to watch, or other things … Continue reading

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