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Product Endorsements

Endorsements don’t mean much. Highly-talented overpaid mutant basketball players endorse extraordinarily expensive shoes, or have their own new model each year, and only foolish teenagers buy those, or whine until their parents do. Charles Barkley was once one of those … Continue reading

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Evidence of Two Nations

Perhaps John Edwards should not have dropped out of the race. Well, yes, he should have dropped out. In the early Democratic primaries he just didn’t have the votes – second to Obama in Iowa and straight downhill from there. … Continue reading

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The Passion of the Christ, Sort Of

Good Friday, 2008, was also Purim, the Jewish festival celebrating the biblical book of Esther, and celebrating a victory over the Persians, but it was also Narouz, the Persian New Year, mainly observed with Shiite enhancements in Iran and most … Continue reading

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