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On the Outside Looking In

One of the necessary conditions for a democracy to work is a critical mass of policy wonks and political junkies – you need an informed public who understand what the issues are, and, structurally, how power is amassed and wielded, … Continue reading

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Soylent Green is People!

It’s not Kristallnacht – or not just yet. But when you have entrenched interests, seeing that things could change to their disadvantage, whipping up the crowds to shout down, disrupt and shut down anyone who talks about that change, ramping … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Second Thoughts

Yeah, yeah – suffering builds character. People tell you that to make you feel better. Of course you don’t feel better – just depressed and exhausted. But maybe they’re right – maybe the next time, when you are once again … Continue reading

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It Really Has Been a Long Strange Trip

What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been: The Best of the Grateful Dead – that’s that compilation album by the Dead, a two-record LP released in October, 1977. The title comes from Robert Hunter, a line from “Truckin’” – “Lately … Continue reading

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The Larger Issues

Tuesday, March 4, and John McCain has done it. The underfunded and cantankerous McCain is the Republican nominee. The Republicans will have to make do with him, even if he has deeply offended many of them year after year after … Continue reading

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When It’s Far Worse Than You Thought

You have to be a real political junkie to spend any of your late Sunday morning watching CNN’s Late Edition, but then out here in Los Angeles Wolf Blitzer and his well-trimmed beard aren’t that late. The three-hour time difference makes … Continue reading

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That Thing We Do

Maybe the details matter and maybe they don’t. It’s hard to keep up with the John McCain thing – the New York Times breaking the story of his non-affair with that pretty lobbyist, stopped by his aides before it could … Continue reading

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