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Adjusting Our Cultural Icons

Okay – it’s over. That would be the single most unifying event in American life, the Super Bowl. And the game is over now too – the underdog Giants beat the always-on-top and now quite tiresome Patriots. And even those … Continue reading

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Returning to Boredom

All man’s troubles come from not knowing how to sit still in one room. Pascal said that back in 1670, but Pascal is boring. The whole of the seventeenth century is boring. And Kierkegaard said this a few hundred years … Continue reading

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Discretion and Circumspection

Being one of those awful people who just does things because they sound interesting, when circumstances allow, there were those trips to Paris once or twice a year for a time – a few weeks alone there, just walking around … Continue reading

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Class Warfare at Tea Time

If you’re retired you can find yourself keeping an eye on CNBC – the business channel – during the day. It not as if you watch the shows that explain everything, or purport to, but it’s always on in the … Continue reading

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Self-Definition as Destiny

Sometimes you wonder how anyone made it through the late seventies in America, with all the pop-culture self-actualization crap in the air. Part of that was the late-disco multi-layered and massively overproduced sound of the group Earth, Wind & Fire … Continue reading

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The Old Coot

We all know the facts of the matter:     Barack Obama and McCain are separated by the largest age difference of any two presidential candidates in history. If Obama is elected, he will be, at 47, among the youngest presidents … Continue reading

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Southern Daze

In the early seventies it was a little unsettling to be a graduate student from the north at Duke University, often referred to, for some reason, as the Harvard of the South. Maybe it’s the two stunning campuses – one … Continue reading

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