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Something Else Entirely

Some things you remember even if they happened long ago. And long ago, teaching English to late adolescents at that fancy prep school in upstate New York – in those Dead Poets Society years – the seventies, actually – it … Continue reading

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Goethe Is Always Pithy

Set aside that the beloved character that Arthur Conan Doyle created, that extraordinary consulting detective (as he calls himself) – yes, Sherlock Holmes – is a borderline dysfunctional sociopath. In that new movie Robert Downey Jr. plays him as such. … Continue reading

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Escalating the Culture Wars That Were Supposed To Be Over

You know, if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. And if that advice seems odd to you, you missed the culture wars of the sixties. The words are from a hit song … Continue reading

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Class Warfare at Tea Time

If you’re retired you can find yourself keeping an eye on CNBC – the business channel – during the day. It not as if you watch the shows that explain everything, or purport to, but it’s always on in the … Continue reading

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Sexual Politics

College in the sixties was hard enough, what with 1968 falling in our junior year – social and political upheavals left and right, new music to attend to, the Beatles and Hendrix and all, movies like 2001 and Bullitt, and … Continue reading

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