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Fallout Day

Sometimes a slow news day is a good thing – everyone needs time to recover and put things in perspective. And this was the week that Obama finally endorsed same-sex marriage – as a basic right and a matter of … Continue reading

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Some Derivative Observations

You have to admire the focused and determined sorts who know, when they’re ten years old or so, exactly what they’re going to be in life, and with amazing single-mindedness become what they said they’d become – a doctor or … Continue reading

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On Being Told Things Are Worse Than You Ever Imagined

It was the usual Saturday morning call from the friend who used to work on Wall Street and doesn’t anymore – that’s happened to a lot of people – and, after chat about friends and family and music and photography, … Continue reading

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The Day of Intense and Unfocussed Populist Rage

So, you try to have a nice Saint Patrick’s Day – perhaps a Leprechaun Soup (white peach sangria with Midori, really) – and suddenly the nation is consumed with populist rage and class warfare breaks out.   And it was … Continue reading

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