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A Culture of Denial

Sometimes the odd little news stories tell bigger stories, like this one: Ticks are swarming, carrying myriad diseases such as Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever and making people ill. And, as one congressman believes, these ticks came from secret … Continue reading

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The Natural State of Paranoia

There’s being foolishly naïve, and then there’s being cautiously trusting of others, and then there’s being skeptical but intelligent about it, and then there’s being cynical, followed by being bitter and holding a grudge against the world. The next step … Continue reading

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Being Stunned Once Too Often

The only reason people write about current events, and about the national or international politics that underlie them – along with how centuries of history and shifting social norms and odd economic trends play their part in what seems to … Continue reading

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You Never Know

What is there to say? What follows is column 1,429 in the current format, in place since March 2007 – but this has being going on since May 2003 – and there’s no point in counting any longer. What started … Continue reading

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The McPherson Strut

The general idea seems to be that you study history so you don’t get blindsided. High school kids will whine that history is so boring – and maybe it is. But high school kids live in the immediate now, where … Continue reading

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Thinking about Thinking

You can get caught up in the day-to-day swirl of current events, but that can be overwhelming. And you hear commentators ask that snarky question. What was he thinking, or she, as the case may be? On Tuesday, June 30, … Continue reading

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