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No Reason at All

People explain things to each other and it’s almost always useless. This was the week liberals explained to conservatives that George Zimmerman kind of lost it – he liked playing cop way too much and pursued an unarmed young fellow, … Continue reading

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Political Amnesia and Olfactory Impairment

When most of your family are Palin-Beck Republicans, and hang on every word Sean Hannity says on Fox News, you learn to keep your mouth shut. Any talk of domestic, foreign, or economic policy is met with sneers, and you’ll … Continue reading

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Figuring Them Out

Gandalf said it – “Hobbits really are amazing creatures. You can learn all there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you.” The same thing goes for political … Continue reading

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The Other March Madness

March Madness started early. March Madness usually refers to the NCAA tournament that determines which college basketball team is the very best in the nation, or has something to do with the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland. You remember … Continue reading

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No Troubadours for Reagan These Days

If you look at the banner photo at the top of the page, you see a sunset from June 2004 – the shot is looking northeast from Mulholland Drive, far above Hollywood, on the day of Ronald Reagan’s funeral, taking … Continue reading

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The Practical Usefulness of Thoughtless Outrage

To proclaim that you are angry and outraged, and no, you haven’t thought things through and you certainly do not intend to think things through, is perhaps profoundly American. You think of the line from that movie – “I’m mad … Continue reading

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On Not Accepting What You Are Told, Unless Elevated

It’s the curse of the sixties, and it never leaves you. Those of us who ambled off to college in the mid-sixties, listened to all that new music, had our issues with the war, and graduated only to listen to … Continue reading

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