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The Battle to Return to the Thirteenth Century Begins

Yes, there’s William F. Buckley’s famous definition of a conservative, as that one man standing athwart history and shouting NO! And of course Buckley considered that noble and right, if not heroic. But things change all the time, for better … Continue reading

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Life as a Pawn

Sometimes you go through life wide-eyed, not realizing that there are wheels within wheels – there’s always something strange going on in the background. But you don’t know it, or you don’t think about it much. And in fact, there … Continue reading

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Locating God

As any location manager out here in Hollywood will tell you, setting matters. And now and then you run into a location scout staring at an alley and taking a few pictures. You have to have to set the right … Continue reading

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When the God Squad Loses

Let’s stipulate that those who are religious take their religion seriously. Why else would they believe in whatever it is they believe in? You don’t pray to a hypothetical god, who may or may not exist, who is hypothetically benevolent, … Continue reading

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Atheists in Burbank and a Cross in the Desert

Those out-of-town folks in the rental cars can drive you crazy, creeping along rather lost and nervously glancing about, looking for street signs that aren’t totally ambiguous or some sort of landmark, then suddenly darting across three lanes of oncoming … Continue reading

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Disagreeing On What We Know For Sure

Sometimes it’s the minor news stories that make you think. No, not Species Name Auction Offers Wild Holiday Gift Idea. Yes, the naming rights to seven newly discovered bats and two turtles are available at auction, which may be the … Continue reading

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Not to Worry

Friday, September 5, thing were supposed to settle down. The political conventions were finally over, capped by John McCain’s workmanlike speech – long on character (he has it, he says), and short on the issues. In fact the issues didn’t … Continue reading

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