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The Long Slide Down Begins

Wednesday, September 17 – and it continues.   Another Nightmare on Wall Street: Dow Down 450:   The stock market took another nosedive Wednesday as the American banking system appeared even shakier and investors worried that the financial crisis is … Continue reading

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The Joy of Not Knowing Things When No One Else Does Either

If politicians know one thing, they know this. Explaining things that you yourself don’t understand can get you in trouble – explaining economics, for example.   People listen politely, then someone in the back, sensing that they’re hearing nonsense, smiles. … Continue reading

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Respect, Deference and Lying

It was about ten years ago, on the third or fourth solo trip to Paris to kick around for a few weeks and feel more at home than is possible here in Hollywood – where no one ever feels at … Continue reading

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One of the joys of being obscure is having no reputation, one way or the other. There’s nothing to live up to, and not much to live down – so when you do something good people are usually pleasantly surprised. … Continue reading

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No Free Pass, Although Certain Conditions Apply

Self-deprecating humor can take you a long way. The current president tries it now and then, but it never works. You have to being willing for folks to see there’s some truth in what you say, that sometimes you do … Continue reading

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Selling Sincerity

This is being written in the evening, on Friday, June 6, 2008, so the next words may have to be modified – it seems things have been settled, and now one of two people will be the next president, John … Continue reading

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Management Matters

It’s odd to find yourself in management, assigning tasks, keeping an eye on the work of others, work you can probably no longer do, and judging them – scolding the careless, encouraging the hapless (even if that seldom makes them … Continue reading

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