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Christmas with the Cranks

A quiet evening here in Hollywood – the eve of Christmas Eve – the presents wrapped and all is well for the drive in the morning, down the endless freeways, with the blue Pacific on the right – for the … Continue reading

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Selling the Concept

Out here in Hollywood, the land of make-believe, we know all about the willing suspension of disbelief. It is a bargain the audience makes with you – they know those are actors on the screen, not the real people, and … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Second Thoughts

Yeah, yeah – suffering builds character. People tell you that to make you feel better. Of course you don’t feel better – just depressed and exhausted. But maybe they’re right – maybe the next time, when you are once again … Continue reading

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Eat My Shorts

By Friday night, September 19, it was clear that the week that had ended was a week that changed everything – and you don’t often get weeks like that, ending with a bang:   One of the most tumultuous weeks … Continue reading

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