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The Day Came

Forget North Korea. Forget Russia and Syria and Iran and ISIS too. Forget the repeal of Obamacare and its replacement with free-market nonsense that will cover no one but the healthy rich – and forget tax reform that will make … Continue reading

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From the Front Lines

The reporting was all wrong. Emma Watson (Hermione Grainger from the Harry Potter movies) is not dating Prince Harry – the Australian tabloid item got it all wrong. That tabloid has been sued before of course, but Watson was a … Continue reading

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The Man with Awesome Near-Presidential Power

Everyone knows that they are important to their family, and their friends, and maybe their cat – but when you’re gone they’ll forget you soon enough, or eventually. They move on. And forget your coworkers. They won’t remember you the … Continue reading

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The Angry and Entirely Fictional Hidden Majority

There is this odd video clip – Bill O’Reilly as a guest on Jon Stewart’s Daily show, explaining to a quite skeptical Stewart that America is really a center-right nation, and in January, when Obama becomes president, Obama had better … Continue reading

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Good and God

Secularists can get on people’s nerves. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like us. On Friday, November 7, he threw down the gauntlet – once again. He says he will use all his powers as the most respected man in America, and all … Continue reading

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A Wink and a Smile

Maybe the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin settled all the questions about her – or raised new ones. There were, of course, the initial reactions, but it takes at least a day for people to think … Continue reading

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A Warning and Major Misunderstanding

There were the emails from CNN – cover a presidential debate as a credentialed member of the press once, blogging it in real time, and these folks think you’ll do it again. So there were the emails – the forms … Continue reading

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