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Knowing How to Know Things Gets Harder

Perhaps the rest of life really is just an extension of high school – the cool kids know what’s really going on, which amazes everyone, and makes everyone else envious, but maybe the rebels and the punks really know what’s … Continue reading

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Market Fetishists and Moral Hazard

Well, something is in the air. There’s the April 6 issue of Time and that cover story – this recession, or near depression, or whatever it is, will bring an end to the “spirit of excess” that began in the … Continue reading

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Crazy – Like a Fox

There’s that Sherlock Holmes story where the key to the mystery is the dog that didn’t bark, Silver Blaze:   Gregory (the hapless but eager Scotland Yard detective): Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw … Continue reading

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The Eve of Destruction

Monday, November 3, 2008 – the day before the presidential election – and there was almost nothing left to say. Either Obama would win (likely), or McCain would win (unlikely), or there would be a tie and House of Representatives … Continue reading

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The Gentleman and the Drama Queen

The readership here is small – a hundred hits a day, give or take, save when CNN or BBC World Service notices this column or that and the traffic jumps. It happens. But given that – the situation where this … Continue reading

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