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Eavesdropping on the Mad

When you live halfway between the Sunset Strip and the center of Hollywood you do notice packs of paparazzi now and then. They’re rather off-putting, festooned with expensive cameras with big lenses, elbowing each other for the good shot of … Continue reading

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Losing It

As a rule, liberals don’t collect knick-knacks. It’s a matter of temperament. The need to hang onto souvenirs – ticket stubs from some odd concert long ago or the old high school letter-sweater or that special Christmas tree ornament – … Continue reading

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Soylent Green is People!

It’s not Kristallnacht – or not just yet. But when you have entrenched interests, seeing that things could change to their disadvantage, whipping up the crowds to shout down, disrupt and shut down anyone who talks about that change, ramping … Continue reading

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Hurtling Toward Civil War

Of course there will be another American Civil War – or Round Two of the first one. It is inevitable. Sooner or later, given that we’re a nation of immigrants and do have a policy of accepting new citizens from … Continue reading

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Scared Silly

Guantánamo Bay – now that’s an odd place. During the Spanish-American War our fleet used the harbor there to ride out the summer hurricane season of 1898, and the rest is history. Somehow the Cuban-American Treaty gave the Republic of … Continue reading

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