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Affirmative Inaction

Donald Trump figured it out. Americans are not a nice people, and they’re proud of that. No one is going to push us around anymore. It’s time we stopped being nice to people and decided to be the bullies, because … Continue reading

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Affirming the Negative

Americans live on a knife’s edge – everything is a crisis and someone is always out to take your stuff, or your freedoms, or your precious bodily fluids – and that 1964 Strangelove movie captured what Richard Hofstadter, in his … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Mysterious Silence

At the far end of East 52nd in Manhattan – at 450 East 52nd Street to be exact – you’ll find the Campanile – built in 1927 and once home to the Rothschild’s, the H.J. Heinz’s, Rex Harrison, Mary Martin, … Continue reading

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Identity Politics as Surreal Performance Art

When what was once terribly important is, for some reason, no longer that important, and what was used to sway public opinion and taste mysteriously simply stops working, what you have left is camp – whatever it was is now … Continue reading

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