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Symbolic Government by Attitude

Republicans simply disappeared out here in California, the state that gave America both Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. It may be that trying Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor was the last straw, but probably not. Ronald Reagan had been a second-rate … Continue reading

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Political Ecosystems

Those of us who did our four years at Denison University – back in the day when college was four sequential years without pauses for this and that – always felt a bit ambivalent about the famous alumni. Sure, it … Continue reading

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Everything in Kansas City

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” That’s the last line of F. Scott Fitzgerald 1925 novel about that Gatsby fellow – and of course it is full of deep meaning. Or maybe … Continue reading

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And Then Things Got Worse

And then things got worse – an all-purpose phrase for everything since September 1939 or so, or perhaps universally useful. Yes, your Republican friends warned you – don’t vote us out of office, there’ll be hell to pay. Maybe you … Continue reading

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The Day of the Pious Scolds

There’s something about eastern Ohio. It’s hard to stay in Steubenville – Traci Lords left, as did Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, as did Dean Martin. And they didn’t go to the sister city on the other side of the murky … Continue reading

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Getting Organized on a Monday Morning

Some people just hate Mondays – you get to work, not really wanting to be there as the weekend was far too short, and full of resentment that makes you feel both guilty for being resentful (you should be happy … Continue reading

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