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Knowing What You Know

As everyone knows… no, you really don’t open any argument with those words. No one knows what everyone knows, and maybe no one knows what anyone really knows. It’s presumptuous to say you are just saying what everyone knows, and … Continue reading

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Death, Disaster, Class Warfare and Sabotage

Ah, another day of death draws to a close – the Supreme Court finally decided that fellow in Georgia could be executed – there would be no stay for him, even though there was, in the end, no forensic evidence … Continue reading

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The Day Charlie Brown Simply Walked Away From Lucy

That’s the problem with the New York Times – no comics. And most people, although they won’t admit it, go to the comic strip pages of the morning newspaper, first thing. It’s a comfort. There’s Peanuts and Doonesbury and Dilbert … Continue reading

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The Man with Awesome Near-Presidential Power

Everyone knows that they are important to their family, and their friends, and maybe their cat – but when you’re gone they’ll forget you soon enough, or eventually. They move on. And forget your coworkers. They won’t remember you the … Continue reading

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In the Loop

There was no Saturday evening column here – you can hit all the hundreds of news and views bookmarks and look for the hot topic of the day, or at least something you find oddly fascinating, or moderately interesting, or … Continue reading

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The Inevitable New Nihilism

Nihilism comes naturally to pretentious adolescents – everything is just wrong, and everyone (else) is so stupid, and nothing will ever get better. So there’s nothing to do but be sarcastic and cynical and dismissive. But chicks dig guys who … Continue reading

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The Empty Toolbox

So here we go – the president wants his jobs bill passed and the House is saying no way – the only way to create jobs is to cut spending, shutting down as much of the government as possible, throwing … Continue reading

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