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Locked In

Most families reach a tacit agreement that discussing politics is just not done. It’s pointless. No one is going to change anyone’s mind. And there are other things to discuss at Thanksgiving dinner, or any holiday dinner when those you … Continue reading

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On the Sabbath

Some of us are old enough to remember Blue Laws – stores would be closed on Sundays, as Sunday was the day of rest, as it did say that in the Bible. It was the Sabbath – and this has … Continue reading

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Selling Abstract Theories in a Time of Personal Terror

The Republicans want to return to power. The party out of power, at the moment, always wants to return to power. And in 2010 the Republicans won back the House, leading them to claim, repeatedly, they have a mandate – … Continue reading

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No One Gets Thrown Under the Bus as There’s No Bus There

One of the great mysteries in America politics is why the conservative right – and especial its born-again evangelical wing – all those folks who support Israel no matter what, on everything – don’t get the Jewish vote here, ever. … Continue reading

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Third-World Los Angeles

Ah, candlelight and utter silence here last night – yes, there was no Thursday evening column. Just before six in the evening, Thursday, the lights flickered and then the power went out – like in Manhattan every twenty years or … Continue reading

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Political Systems Analysis

The cultural wars of the sixties were fought over many issues – sex, drugs and rock and roll of course – as Mick Jagger and such folks appalled the generation who had grown up on Glenn Miller and then aged … Continue reading

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We’ve always had odd politicians – and one of those was the vice president of the first President Bush. That would be Dan Quayle – the dimmest bulb ever one heartbeat away from the most powerful position on earth. At … Continue reading

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