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The Big Mo

Any American male who watches football – or baseball or basketball – knows all about it. The problem is you just cannot define it, and you cannot quantify it – it’s nothing specific. You just know it’s shifted. It’s that … Continue reading

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Kant’s Birthday

Wednesday, April 22 – Earth Day, and the birthday of both Vladimir Lenin and Immanuel Kant (different years of course) – was pleasant enough. But it was one of those news days when all hell broke loose. And keeping it … Continue reading

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Special People

In this country it seems there are those with a sense of personal responsibility – the doers, who ask nothing of anyone and get everything done – and those who just take and expect more. And you didn’t pay your … Continue reading

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The End of Attitude as Policy

People are always making sweeping distinctions, saying things like there are only two kinds of people in the world. They usually mean you’re either a sucker, always falling for someone’s line of nonsense, or you’re a go-getter who knows how … Continue reading

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Public Policy and the Word of God

It could be argued that the second President Bush was a transformative president – for better or worse. You could make a list of things that changed – the end of being assured there was such a thing as habeas … Continue reading

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This Modern World

Yeah, it was that old guy on Sunday night when you watched CBS’s 60 Minutes – Andy Rooney. He still may be there, but after years of his stuff you tend to find other things to watch, or other things … Continue reading

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The Day after Humiliation

It’s an odd thing. Concerned people – loved ones and family – will see your despair or panic and tell you things will look different in the morning – get some sleep. Things won’t seem so bad in the morning. … Continue reading

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