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Political Bullying

Politics is about compromise, listening and working out what’s best, while making sure everyone saves face and at least something gets done for the good of everybody.   No, that’s diplomacy. Politics is about competition and power, belittling those who … Continue reading

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Bright Shiny Objects

As performed by National Lampoon on “National Lampoon Radio Dinner” (1972, Blue Thumb Records), from Deteriorata – “Remember my son, a walk through the ocean of most people’s souls would not even wet your ankles.”   If you want to … Continue reading

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Die Another Day

If you live in Hollywood you’re supposed to care about movies. But movies are essentially an adolescent art form, even if the French seem to take them seriously – see Cahiers du Cinema, that oh-so-serious magazine founded in 1951 by … Continue reading

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The Maggie Thatcher Syndrome

Maybe most men, and some women, don’t know what to make of strong and forceful women. Even if Barack Obama married one, Michelle, and seems quite happy with her in-your-face directness, it is probably still true that most men squirm … Continue reading

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Waiting for Godot in Altoona

Yeah, Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot” had been voted “the most significant English language play of the twentieth century” – even if it is his translation of his own original French play, En attendant Godot. The play follows two … Continue reading

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The Untouchables

George F. Will is a syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Journal and a bit of a baseball fan – there is his book, Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball, and a few others, and lots of baseball columns. … Continue reading

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The Last Gentleman

In this new century – well, almost new, as almost eight years of it have come and gone – it’s hard to figure out what to make of that concept that seems so early Victorian now, the gentleman.     Emerson … Continue reading

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