Obama Takes Paris!


From Our Man in Paris, Ric Erickson, editor of MetropoleParis:


Paris, Friday, April 25 – Folks here are getting restless. Our president was on TV last night for 90 minutes explaining why reforms take so long in France. It’s not his fault, he said, but he’s only one short, French guy – as if to say, some better and bigger than him tried it and it didn’t work. What should this tell him? The French lie when they say they want reforms? They love their lazy, no-account ways. Today’s polls indicate that half the French didn’t believe him last night. The unions have called for mass demos. I can’t wait until May Day.


Meanwhile, while Hillary has had her little successes, Dems for Change staged a Bridge Op on the Pont Neuf in Paris this afternoon. A whole thirty Obama supporters waved some signs, some hand-made, flashed their buttons and cheered for change on one of Paris’ oldest bridges, in the premature sunshine of spring.


Who knows where this could lead?


In local news, Paris’ hapless football team PSG is on the verge of being dumped into the 2nd division, where it might have to play against such powerhouses as Calais. How the mighty have… etc. etc. …



Photo and text © 2008, Ric Erickson, MetropoleParis – used with permission



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